Your Gateway to Affordable and Hassle-Free global payments

Venlo is the ally India's exporters, freelancers, contractors & remote teams have been waiting for. It offers a seamless solution for receiving payments from US customers, eliminating the hurdles associated with traditional SWIFT/Wire transfers, currency conversion charges, and the exorbitant fees charged by payment apps.

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The most powerful tool to spend while travelling abroad

Get a checking account on sign up, top-up in minutes from anywhere in the world and spend like a local no matter where you are.

Your Dedicated USD Collection Account Awaits

Venlo strikes a balance where clients in the US can pay via local rails such as FedWire and ACH, while recipients in India receive their funds in the most cost-effective and compliant manner. The process is automated, requiring no direct interaction with the bank. Within just 24 hours, receivers get their E-fira, ensuring an efficient and transparent experience.


Save tons of money with just a flat $3 fee per payout

Freedom to Choose: Convert on Your Terms

With Venlo, recipients have the freedom to decide when to convert their funds into INR. This flexibility allows for strategic currency conversions, empowering users to maximize their earnings.

A Seamless Journey from Sign-Up to Payment

The Venlo experience is designed to be swift and user-friendly. From the moment you sign up, you're just seconds away from enjoying a hassle-free cross-border payment experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and complex processes.

Designed and Built for
Remote Teams
The old way
The PoddL way

Frictionless interaction with clients, seamless experience with your workflow & payments

Remote Teams

The Ultimate International banking experience designed and built for

Pay or Gift Family & Friends aboard

Adios to heavy weight money transfer apps, with venlo send money with just a phone number right from your app, its that easy!

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Say goodbye to cash woes
Travel stress-free with Venlo and forget about the hassle of carrying cash or worrying about forex markups. Paying for your cab? Enjoying the local street food? Pay with Venlo on UPI rails!

One digital wallet for your global income

Onboard in a few clicks and get your Venlo global wallet within minutes to grow your business globally

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The perfect companion Venlo card for your international travel spends

Hassle-free travel & spend experience is now a reality!

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Create and manage multiple cards for your family
Withdraw at ATMs globally
Wherever you are, we’ll help you set up your account online quickly.
Exclusive offers on popular brands
5% Cashbacks on every spend
Instant Support no matter where you are

Designed & Built for

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Hours of pre-planning saved

Happy family visits abroad

Setup banking needs for your family visiting you abroad, top-up with bank transfers instantly for their hassle-free spends, add as many cards as you like, no more time consuming pre-planning for how much cash to carry or what to do with surplus cash

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Fully Compliant

Receive your funds in the most cost-effective and compliant manner.

No Limits on transaction value
1-day settlement
Instant USD accounts
For Payers

The highlight? Transfer overseas just like you make a local transfer

Stress-free travel abroad for studies

Don't let finances come in the way of your excitement. Get your banking sorted in minutes with Venlo before your travel abroad

Transfer your way

Use local rails such as ACH or FedWire Or use any payment app you are familiar with and transfer directly to the USD account.

No hidden charges

Save on hidden charges, spend on things you love

No need to convert currency, order & wait for forex cards. Add funds in Venlo, anytime , anywhere & in any currency

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Security is our top priority
Enjoy a safe experience secured by vaults & identity verification.
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Streamline workflows from start to end in one place
No need to switch different apps for different tasks. PoddL integration helps you get more work done while saving you lots of time!
Available now on iOS & Android

The future of payments is here.

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