At Venlo, our long-term mission is to revolutionize banking for travelers by empowering them with seamless financial experiences, no matter where their journey takes them. We envision a world where individuals can effortlessly navigate global transactions and immerse themselves in new cultures without worrying about the complexities of managing multiple currencies.Our core focus is to provide a comprehensive multi-currency wallet that serves as a trusted companion for travellers. We aim to enable them to spend like a local, effortlessly accessing and managing their funds across different countries and currencies. With Venlo, travelers will have the freedom to explore, indulge, and engage in authentic experiences without the constraints and hassles typically associated with financial transactions abroad.

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Why are we building Venlo?

In India, exporters, freelancers, and remote teams face two primary challenges when dealing with cross-border payments. The traditional wire/SWIFT method, while cost-effective, is slow and burdensome due to lengthy processing times and documentation requirements. On the other hand, popular payment apps offer convenience but come with hefty fees, especially for large volume transactions.That's where Venlo steps in as the ultimate solution, providing a middle path for global payments. Upon signing up, Venlo offers a dedicated USD collection  account, seamlessly linked to your INR account. This allows you to receive payments in USD and convert them on your terms, saving you from expensive conversion charges imposed by local banks.The best part? It doesn't matter which payment app your clients use – they can easily transfer funds to your USD collection  account just like a local transfer, or use their native bank portal with local rails like ACH or FedWire. When you withdraw to INR, the conversion happens instantly, and you'll receive your funds within 1 business day, with your E-FIRA in your Venlo inbox within 24 hours.Venlo not only benefits exporters but also extends its services to freelancers, remote teams, and agencies, ensuring an affordable and seamless payments experience. On average, users can save upto 5% per transaction. Freelancers can effortlessly link their USD accounts to freelance marketplaces, payment apps, or share their account details with their US clients.With Venlo, you can now save both time and money while enjoying a hassle-free cross-border payments experience.
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Meet our amazing team

Meet the Venlo Team
Kushal Prakash
Founder & CEO
Giang Nguyen
Riteeka Hatwar
Ketan Pandey
Lead Designer
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